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Welcome to our store!

Our Story

When our first child entered the world in 2015, we were totally unprepared for formula feeding. With no bottles or formula prepared, we had planned to breastfeed from the start. Little did we know, the breast milk did not come in fully for almost a week! After exhausting all donor breast milk we had available, we went to the locals stores to purchase formula. We knew nothing about infant formulas at the time and especially with a newborn, there was little time for research. 

Once settled, much time was spent researching a variety of infant formulas to see which would be best. At the time, we regularly need to top up feedings with formula and found that the infant formulas available in Canada did not have good ingredients at all! The more information we gathered, the more European formulations stood out. Product standards, quality, and ingredients are the best in the world.

The main challenge was determining where and how to purchase European infant formula; we could not find any retailers in Canada selling European formula! Of course, the cost of such formulas is higher than the brands produced in North American but for us, it was definitely worth the quality and extra peace of mind.. 

Our Commitment

Infant formula brands and products are constantly evolving; there will always be new innovations in formulation to achieve the various nutritional requirements for each child. It is our hope that healthier formulas would be made more accessible to all.

Thank you for reading our first blog post! Have you found what you were looking for? Please feel free to reach out to us!

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